Weekly Favorite// Spider-Man: Homecoming


My favorite thing from this past week is without a doubt the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming film.  This entire summer has been pretty lacking in the quality blockbuster movie department, so it’s nice to finally have a charming big-budget action film, like this come along. The thing that makes this film so great is the way that it takes everything we’ve come to know and (sorta) love about Spiderman, as a franchise, and turns it on its head. The film doesn’t take itself to seriously, and as a result we’re left with a superhero movie that actually feels fun and enjoyable to watch. After seeing Tom Holland’s show stealing scenes, as Spiderman, in Civil War, I sorta wondered how he’d fair in his own stand alone film.  Well Apparently, there’s no need to worry now because Holland knocks it out of the park in this one.  Himself, along with an incredible young, talented cast deliver a performance that feels genuine and whole hearted.  The risks this films takes all pay off tremendously; giving us the web slinging superhero as we’ve never seen him before on the big screen.  This reboot feels fresh, and makes me excited for the future of our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.