Summer of 9X


It’s officially summertime, and you know what that means.  The grills are out, school is over, and if you have a single stress on your mind then you aren’t doing the season right.  Whether you’re at a pool party, driving around with the windows down, or just kicking it with friends this playlist lends itself well with a variety of heavyweights from the glory days of 90s/(early2000s)  hip hop and r&b.

If you’re from this generation you’ll surely lose yourself in the nostalgic aura of the tracks.   Plus it’ll give you one more thing to throw in millennials faces to  to remind them that life was better before iphones.  And if you’re a millennial I encourage you to take the time to study up on one of my favorite eras of music.  It’s so effortlessly cool you that really can’t help but to vibe along to it.

Happy listening x