Songs of The Summer (so Far)

Here are 11 songs that’ve come out this summer that I’ve found myself coming back to time and time again.

 RAF –asap rocky, playboi carti, frank ocean, lil uzi, quavo

“RAF” is asap mob’s latest homage to acclaimed fashion designer Raf Simons.  Raf simons has become somewhat of a fetishized name, as far as fashion designers go, within the hip hop community; likely much to do with  Asap Rocky’s frequent mention of the designer.  Nonetheless, “RAF” is a track that is filled with as much swagger and fortitude as one would expect from a song with a feature list that includes Playboi Carti, Quavo, Lil Uzi, and Frank Ocean.



Girl like you – toro y moi

“Girl Like You,” is a synthetic ballad that has an incredibly intimate nostalgic feel.  The song feels like a story that I’ve lived before.   “What’s it gunna take for a guy like me to find a girl like you” Toro y Moi sings on a chorus wrapped in beautiful  autotune.  Simple words, describing inherent human emotion,  resonate deeply, striking the feels in all the rights ways.  The synthetic falsetto Toro y Moi hits on the closing note of the chorus bridges into the verse with masterful precision.  This hair standing closing note leads into a verse where Toro y Moi does a sing songy, melodic, spacey rap that feels just right.


Big B’s – Chance the rapper, young thug

Earlier this summer Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to solicit his assistance to Soundcloud’s dire financial troubles.  Not long after, Big B’s featuring Young Thug, hit the internet via the rapper’s official Soundcloud page.  Big B’s is a song that is quite simple sonically for both of these artists; however I think that’s part of the reason of why I like it so much.  We’ve seen so much of Chance’s versatility over the last few years, it’s easy to forget that his name is Chance The Rapper, and that lil chano from 79th can in fact straight up spit bars when needed.  Not to say that I don’t love Coloring Book (because I definitely do), it’s just refreshing to hear Chance rap in a way that we haven’t heard much of since his mixtape days.


 Butterfly effect – travis scott

Butterfly Effect has been in my constant rotation since its release on soundcloud earlier this summer.  The production is typical Travis Scott- hard hitting and spacey.  Travis’ verses aren’t exactly memorable or noteworthy,on this cut, but the overall flow of everything makes up for it.

  Summertime bummer-  Lana del ray, asap rocky

Lana Del Ray’s eerie melodic tone compliments Asap Rocky’s style and delivery quite well.  Playboi Carti’s background ad libs contribute to the mood of the track; however I’m not quite sure why he needs to be credited as a feature on a song he has no verse on.  In fact, I actually think that a Playboi Carti style mumble verse could’ve added a missing layer to this song.  Nonetheless, “Summer Bummer,” is a moody tune that I’ve found  myself listening to quite a lot this summer.

Rollin – Calvin harris

I hate to be that guy, but right now I’m going to that guy.  I’ve been listening to Khalid for about a year and half now- in fact, when I first started listening to him I think he only had like 2 or 3 songs on Soundcloud (one of which I believe was a rough draft of coaster).   As a music nerd, one of my greatest sources of fulfillment comes from, following artists well before their “blow up.”  To be able to see just how far Khalid has come in just a year is absolutely incredible.  Less than 2 years ago he was just a kid from Texas with a few songs on Soundcloud, now he’s collaborating with artists such as Calvin Harris and Future, and rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the industry.  “Rollin,” is arguably my favorite song off of Calvin Harris’ latest star studded album, Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 1.

Bank Account – 21 savage

This song bangs plain and simple. It’s braggadocios, it’s hard, it’s straightforward, it’s everything you could expect from 21 Savage.

Thug Life – 21 savage

Never would’ve thought  2 songs by 21 savage would make it onto a favorite list of mine, but here we are.  “Issa Album,” contained a number of cuts that were pleasantly surprising, Thug Life being my favorite.  In typical fashion, Metro Boomin kills the production on this song.  He loops a sample of  the 90s R&B hit “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” by En Vogue which 21 Savage flows over quite nicely.  21 Savage seems completely comfortable in giving his deadpan delivery over this instrumental which veers from his usual repertoire.  This “deadpan killer on wax” isn’t for everyone, but  you have to admit he has a few bangers.

745 – Vince Staples

Vince Staples has been an artist that’s been on the fringe of my artists to watch radar for quite some time now, yet I’ve never really taken the time to listen to him.  I thought Big Fish Theory was a really solid album, and that it turned a lot people’s heads.  745, is definitely the track that stands out the most, to me, on this project.  The bass hits hard and the instrumental has got a really distinct west coast flare to it.

 911/Mr. Lonely – Tyler the creator

In Tyler the Creator’s latest project, Flower Boy, he’s shed the overly-aggressive shock value enigma that he’s touted since his arrival on the music scene; and traded it in for a much more intimate and authentic approach to a project.  He practically set the blog world on fire, when lyrics hinting at his sexual orientation were leaked onto the internet.  911 is a song that is smooth in a Tyler the Creator-ish kind of a way, without some of the awkwardness that has made some of Tyler’s songs a little unlistenable for me in the past.  This song features a great balance of hypnotic jazzy melodies and a fierce rap flow.

Fake Denim – Quin xcii

If you don’t know who Quinn xcii is by now, you will very very soon.  His music is so catchy that it’s almost impossible to ignore.  “Fake Denim,” is just another example of Quinn xcii’s seemingly endless supply of feel good, summer vibes,  pop-rap bangers.


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