Short Sleeves, Summer Steeze



I recently found this gem of a shirt at my local Salvation army.  I don’t often seem to have the greatest luck when thrifting, but a few days ago I somehow stumbled across this treasure. I went in with the idea of vintage tee shirts and short sleeve button-ups on my mind, and this is what I came out with.  It’s lightweight, it’s free, it’s fun, it’s casual.  It’s perfect for this summer season.

The slightly over-sized frame of the shirt provides the perfect breathability; plus, I love the way that it drapes off my shoulders exposing my necklace.  The sleeves fall perfectly flat near the end of my elbow; faintly resembling the style of a Japanese kimono.  And the red color is bright without being loud or annoying.










Overall, I truly can’t get enough of this piece.  Plus, the fact that I paid $4 for a garment with such originality and character is simply unbeatable.