Sam Austins Makes Big Splash With Fiji Music Video

Detroit singer-songwriter, Sam Austins’ recently released visuals for “Fiji” are what I think one of the best music videos I’ve seen all year.  What I love most about the video is how homegrown and organic the visuals feel.  Just like the song, Fiji’s visuals are super creative and feel good.  Sam’s personality shines through superbly as he’s seen dancing, riding around in a scooter, and drinking Fiji out of a glass.  Credited director, Kurt Schneider, brought everything I’ve gown to understand about Sam sonically to fruition with this music video.  Whether it’s shots of Sam simply laying in an inflatable pool, or him hanging out pool side with bikini clad young ladies, everything looks and feels endlessly cool.

This video is the perfect example of why I think colossal budgets aren’t always necessary to make a good project.  From the looks of it, a majority of the budget was probably spent on the cases of Fiji water, which is not a bad thing.  This just goes to show that a sound creative vision beats expensive visual production any day.


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